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Hygia Mission

"At Hygia Med, our mission is to provide high-quality, personalized medical care to our patients, utilizing the latest technology and techniques in the field. We strive to make healthcare accessible to all, removing barriers and providing comprehensive services to meet the unique needs of each individual. We are committed to fostering a welcoming and compassionate environment, where patients can feel comfortable and confident in the care they receive. Our goal is to empower our patients to take control of their health and achieve optimal wellness."


Hair Transplant

Eye Care

Dental Care



Medical Education



Liposuction is a surgical procedure that uses a suction technique to remove fat from specific areas of the body

Breast Reduction

Eduction mammoplasty is the plastic surgery procedure for reducing the size of large breasts.

Injections Fillers

Dermal filler injections are a type of nonsurgical cosmetic procedure. Dermal fillers plump up wrinkles, smooth lines and restore volume in your face.

Restore your confidence

Hair Trasplant

we evaluate the size of the area to be transplanted, the number of grafts that can be removed from the donor area and the frequency of the transplantation to be performed free of charge.

Dental Care

Correct diagnosis, planning and treatment play an important role in Oral and Dental Health as in all other health areas.

Eye Care

Its outside is made of pre-operative diagnosis of our patients coming to Turkey and then to the aircraft, we can offer hotel accommodation and the operation in one package.

Medical Professionals in Our Network

Dr. Sait Gökhan Bircan

FUE, DHI and hair transplantation.

Prof. Dr. Halil Alış

General Surgery

Emsal Doğan

Beauty Professional

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We strive to create an institute that is not only recognized for its excellence in the field, but also for its commitment to improving the lives of patients and their families.

Success Rate 96%
Services Satisfaction Rate 98%
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The Culture Of Care And Holiday

Hygia Med is an intermediary company of Meditrina Tourism Health Consultancy Limited Company; accredited and audited by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health. Hygia Med Health Travel Agency aim to deliver the best results by combining the 101 years of experience accumulation of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health with modern and up to date; both visually and technically hospitals and health services infrastructure and experienced doctors. Cooperating with the doctors who specialize and have an outstanding success in their own field and accommodating our patients in the most modern hotels/hospitals are only some of the reasons why as Hygia Med; we are considered as a five-star medical tourism company. We provide accurate diagnosis and accordingly correct medical treatment in the hospitals with the comfort of a 5-star hotel; with the doctors who have proven themselves with their experience. We are committed to provide high performance and quality service at a reasonable price. As Hygia Med, we provide various treatment services for our valuable patients, where we take care of you from the moment you arrive in Turkey until the moment you fly back home. In addition, our patients get the TURKEY EMERGENCY HEALTH CARD, a health insurance with a coverage of up to 30.000 € , free of charge, against "sudden discomfort and diseases", that may occur outside of the treatment booked with us.

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